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Making and selling homes for creatures using recycled materials.

Bird Box standard



25mm hole: For small birds of the Tit family

32mm hole: For House Sparrows, Great Tits and Nuthatch

45mm hole: For Starlings

Dimensions: H36 x W14 x D20 cm

Openface birdbox Bat box std Birdbox 1 Hedgehog house Planter Bat box 2 Bird Box Open Face  £16  For Wrens and Robins Dimensions: H28 x W20 x D19 cm Insect House  £28  Designed to attract bees, ladybirds etc Dimensions: H30 x W28 x D13 cm Bat Box standard  £20  Single chamber Dimensions: H47 x W20 x D20 cm Bat Box Double-chamber £28 Double chamber Dimensions: H47 x W19 x D10 cm Hedgehog House  £35 - Collection or local delivery only Dimensions: H39 x W42 x D33 cm
Insect House Planter painted Insect triangle £15 Made from 3 sections of farmers’ bale wrap inners stuffed with bamboo in a wooden triangle  Dimensions: Side length 30 cm
Sparrow terrace  £35  Dimensions: H32 x W52 x D22 cm Sparrow terrace
Hole sizes